Seamunit is simple to use and ideally integrates in production flows, since the welded product crosses the machine. Seamunit is fully automatic.

Technical data for our Seamunit range
• Longitudinal welding.
• Automatic cycle for positioning the edges to be welded, and for welding.
• Shell diameter from 50 mm.
• Shell length up to 3 metres (or more on request).
• Sheet thickness between 1/10 and 5 mm according to versions.
• Productivity between 100 and 200 parts an hour according to models.
• Possible shell forms: cylindrical, rectangular, oval, triangular, and any other complex form (to be validated according to the radii to be made).
• Welding processes: MIG/MAG (mono and twin), TIG, Plasma, submerged arc, laser and hybrid laser.
• In its basic version, Seamunit requires specific tooling per tube size, but with the Flex- option no tooling is required.
• In addition to our standard range, we examine every request to adapt our machines to the specifications of our customers.
• Version without specific tooling – Flex-Seamunit: the welding cage is digitized and enables very fast production change times, less than a minute. A very wide production size range is possible.
• Integration in a rolling station.


Main applications
• Automobile: exhaust silencer and catalyser bodies, filtration components, etc.
• Motorcycle: Complex form exhaust silencer bodies.
• Utility vehicles, trucks and coaches: fuel tanks, exhaust silencer and catalyser bodies, filtration components, compressed air reservoirs, etc.
• Piping: fume extraction, water downpipes, industrial ventilation, etc.
• Various tubes for all industries.
• Water heaters.
• Extinguisher bodies.
• Pump and compressor bodies.
• Compressed air reservoirs.
• Appliances.
• Aeronautical parts.
• All other applications on request…