Seamclassic is the most simple and practical complement to Rollexpress for small run productions. It features the same simplicity of use and reliability. After quick training, operators are ready to produce quality longitudinal welds on the shells from the rolling machine.


Technical data for our Seamclassic range
• Longitudinal welding
• Automatic welding cycle and manual docking
• Shell diameter from 35 mm
• Shell length up to 4 metres
• Sheet thickness between 3/10 and 10 mm according to versions
• Productivity between 20 and 60 parts an hour according to models
• Possible shell forms: cylindrical, rectangular, oval, triangular, and any other complex form (to be validated according to the radii to be made)
• Welding processes: MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma, submerged arc, laser and hybrid laser
• In addition to our standard range, we examine every request to adapt our machines to the specifications of our customers
• Device for aiding loading and unloading, controlled by the operator
• Device for aiding the positioning of the edges to be welded, controlled by the operator
Main applications

• Automobile: exhaust silencer and catalyser bodies, filtration components, etc.
• Motorcycle: Complex form exhaust silencer bodies
• Utility vehicles, trucks and coaches: fuel tanks, exhaust silencer and catalyser bodies, filtration components, compressed air reservoirs, etc.
• Piping: fume extraction, water downpipes, industrial ventilation, etc.
• Various tubes for all industries
• Water heaters
• Extinguisher bodies
• Pump and compressor bodies
• Compressed air reservoirs
• Appliances
• Aeronautical parts
• Military components
• All other applications on request…