For more flexibility than in the case of vertical welding, H-PRS is a good choice. It enables many slope variations on the beam, as well as variable flange thicknesses, and other construction particularities. The flanges and web are placed manually, then the clamping bench allows the operator to hold the set-up in place, and the welding boom ensures the simultaneous production of two quality beads.


Technical data for our H-PRS 3000 range
According to different machine sizes, the I-PRO range enables:
• Web height from 160 to 5000 mm.
• Flange width from 80 to 2500 mm.
• Web thickness from 4 to 50 mm.
• Flange thickness from 5 to 120 mm.
• One or several slopes, or varied forms.
• Welding processes that can be integrated: MIG/MAG (mono and twin), submerged arc monofil (bifilar and tandem also available), hybrid laser.
• Systems for unloading and/or turning the beam.
• Putting two H-PRS in line for maximum productivity.
• Hybrid laser welding.
• Parts for large size structures.
• Structural parts with special form.
• Truck, trailer side rails, etc.