Automated assembly Machines

We develop, design, manufacture and install automated assembly machines. Many processes can be introduced on these assembly machines (transitic line, robots…) for adapt to the needs of our customers.

Our Knowledge in assembly Machines

We design and manufacture custom Assembly machines for a wide range of products in various industries and for  specific applications. Our engineers have experience and creative ability to design/invent new concepts or redesign existing assemblies to the needs of our clients at cost-effective prices. We also perform in the automation of our existing assembly lines.

  • Automated assembly machine
  • Industry workflow assembly machine
  • Automated assembly with Robotic

Example of an Automatic Assembly Line (car bumper industry)  :

Assembly Machine CMF Groupe

This machine helps operators set accessories and various fasteners on the bumper. It’s also hold on the cradle and make possible rotation and set up of the bumper.