RT180 LARGE LENGTH ROLL BENDING MACHINE is the fruit of the latest CMF developments, it enables the limits of conventional rolling to be pushed further and to obtain combinations of long tube lengthes in very small diameters, including with thick sheets and materials with high mechanical characteristics.


Technical data for our RT180 range
• Shell diameter from 25 mm
• Shell length up to 6 metres
• Sheet thickness between 3/10 and 6 mm according to versions
• Productivity between 80 and 300 parts an hour according to models
• Possible shell forms: cylindrical, rectangular, oval, triangular, and any other complex form (to be validated according to the radii to be made)
• In addition to our standard range, we examine every request to adapt our machines to the specifications of our customers
• Efficient for materials with high elastic springback
• Computer numerical control (CNC) to carry out programs and parts with complex forms
• Orientation device of the joint to be welded, for connection to an automatic welder
• Automatic sheet picker and loader
• Thickness measurement with automatic correction of the roller settings
• Devices for producing conical forms
• Manual or motorized shell support arms
• Automatic ejector
• Synchronized drive of all rolling machines
• Safety enclosure
• Software for aiding the definition of the roller settings
• Interchangeable tools for producing several different size ranges
• Automatic tool changer for producing several different size ranges
Main applications
• Aeronautics: tubes for fluids meeting the sector standards
• Fume extraction and ventilation tubes with small diameter and long length
• Long automobile parts
• Pump bodies
• Various tubes for all industries
• All other applications on request…