Rollexpress 132 roll bending macghine and its derivatives are adapted to most industrial situations. They give access to the range of high performance CMF rollers.


Its main features are:
• Very simple use by all personnel after quick training
• Pinching plates reduced to the minimum for good circularity of the rolled part
• One turn rolling: simplicity and speed
• Diameter changing in 15 seconds without tool
• Significant productivity, up to 600 shells an hour
• Adapted to all types of material: construction steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, aluminium, and all other materials on request and after testing
• Tempered rollers for outstanding service life (more than 10 years)

By integrating various options, Rollexpress becomes a high productivity automatic machine, able to produce all long run parts reliably.

Technical data for our ROLLEXPRESS 132 roll bending machine range
• Shell diameter from 35 mm.
• Shell length up to 3 metres.
• Sheet thickness between 3/10 and 10 mm according to versions.
• Productivity between 80 and 600 parts an hour according to models.
• Possible shell forms: cylindrical, rectangular, oval, triangular, and any other complex form (to be validated according to the radii to be produced).
• In addition to our standard range, we examine every request to adapt our machines to the specifications of our customers.
• Computer numerical control (CNC) for producing programs and parts with complex forms.
• Orientation device of the joint to be welded, for connection to an automatic welder.
• Automatic sheet picker and loader.
• Thickness measurement with automatic correction of the roller settings.
• Devices for producing conical forms.
• Manual or motorized shell support arms.
• Automatic ejector.
• Synchronized drive of all rolling machines.
• Safety enclosure.
• Software for aiding the definition of the roller settings.
Main applications
• Automobile: exhaust silencer and catalyser bodies, filtration components, etc.
• Motorcycle: Complex form exhaust silencer bodies
• Utility vehicles, trucks and coaches: fuel tanks, exhaust silencer and catalyser bodies, filtration components, compressed air reservoirs, etc.
• Piping: fume extraction, water downpipes, industrial ventilation, etc.
• Various tubes for all industries
• Lighting reflectors
• Water heaters
• Extinguisher bodies
• Pump and compressor bodies
• Compressed air reservoirs
• Appliances
• Aeronautical parts
• Military components
• All other applications on request…