CMF Groupe focuses on developing innovations and increasing our knowledge and expertise, in order to keep its technical advance upon competitors. Our non-stop innovation tradition aims at  improving existing technologies and designs of machines, with long-term experience and constant link with our customers.

  • Today CMF Groupe owns 4 international patents and keeps working on innovative processes and services.
  • Incorporating up-to-date technologies in our metal-working machines. In 2010 CMF Groupe R&D department has carried out a 800 k€ project (i.e. 5% of annual turnover) for improving its knowledge of laser and hybrid welding, and efficiently preparing its adaptation to our current lines of products : tube and pipe production lines, lighting poles workshops… Welding speed up to 8 m/min have been reached, thanks to innovative solutions for shell guiding and conformation.
  • All spare parts of the machine benefit from specific design and modification for this welding application, for maximum weld bead quality, and perfect reliability of the process.
Laser welding CMF Groupe

Welding example

Hybrid welding CMF Groupe

Hybrid Welding

Laser Welding Machine CMF Groupe

Laser Welding machine

  • Anticipating future developments, by maintaining close relationship with our industrial partners (welding equipments, robotics, …), most competent laboratories and technical centres.
  • In 2011 CMF Groupe takes part in an European project aiming at developing new technologies in orbital welding :
Orbital Welding head S25 CMF Groupe

Orbital S25 Laser

Orbital laser  CMF Groupe

Orbital Laser