Successful quality audit for CMF

10/07/2019 www: Communication

NAVAL GROUP carried out a complete audit of the CMF quality process with a view to qualifying as a supplier for five years.

This audit went very well and CMF is proud to have achieved a 96% score based on NAVAL GROUP sheet/data.

In the past, CMF has already worked on a number of large-scale projects with DCNS, which later became NAVAL GROUP.

This new certification confirms CMF’s willingness to remain efficient and competitive while maintaining a high quality level for its products. As evidence in 2018,  the VERITAS office has once again approved the ISO 9001 certification for another three years.

NAVAL GROUP,  that’s holds a dozen different sites as Lorient, Cherbourg, Toulon, Brest… recently signed a major framework contract with Australia for a submarine manufacturing program.  More information on this link :