Design, Engineering

Soliworkd knowledge

With a perfect knowledge of 2D- and 3D- design toolings,and the latest high-performance programming and schematic softwares, our engineers and technicians use their experience and competence to serve you.

We are involved in the project from the beginning. According to your specifications, we work out the most suitable technical and cost-saving solutions.

Our project manager keep your project on-schedule and on-spec, and deliver end-to-end support.

Construction, Integration

Engineer knowledge

Our assembly workshops are a part of the accomplishment of your projects. The procurement of components and special sub-contracting are supervised by our Purchasing Department and controled upon delivery.

Our qualified and experienced Team is in charge of the mechanical assembly and electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipments.

Your machines are adjusted in our factory and their performances are tested according to the previous specifications.


Installation, Commissioning


We are involved in the delivery and installation of your equipments all over the world.

The commissioning is ensured by our technical team and confirmed by the Acceptance of your equipments in accordance with our  commitment.

CMF Groupe aims at proposing you the best solution to your needs right from the first contact with your Teams.